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    鍛煉的英文(高考英語3500單詞配套練習 (21-26課時))

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    鍛煉的英文(高考英語3500單詞配套練習 (21-26課時))

    第 21課時(see--small)

    1. 單詞拼寫1) Can you s (縫紉) a patch on my jeans?

    2) The lake is not very deep; it's s .

    3) Put the book back on the s when you've finished reading it.

    4) She swam and sunbathed, went s (觀光) and relaxed.

    5) S (鯊魚) were circling around our boat.

    6) Why does the phone always ring when I'm in the s (淋浴)?

    7) S (奴隸制) was abolished in the USA in the 19th century.

    8) Use a soft cloth to polish the (銀) necklace.

    9) Jerry is wearing a pretty dress with long s (袖子).

    10) Dad, can we go s (滑冰) this weekend?


    1) She is (self) and cares only about herself.

    2) The worst part of the divorce was the (separate) from his three children.

    3) Many of the earliest (settle) here died from disease and hunger.

    4) She bought her husband an electric (shave) as his birthday present.

    5) Christmas is the busiest (shop) season in Western countries.

    6) Nothing disturbed th e (silent) of the night.

    7) They tried to (simple) the procedure and make it easy.

    8) After a few years, he became very (skill) at drawing.

    9) The warmth fro the fire made her feel (sleep).

    10) The insurance policy is against long-term (sick) and injury.


    1) To our surprise, the dinner bill came to ______ pounds.

    A. several hundred

    B. several hundred

    C. a several hundred

    D. several hundreds of

    2) ____, the house needs some work done on it.

    A. You can see

    B. As you see

    C. As you can see it

    D. Which you can see

    3) His new novel _____; very few people would like to read it.

    A. sells well B. is well sold

    C. sells badly D. is badly sold

    4) Why did she do a thing like that? It doesn't seem to ______.

    A. set out B. sell out

    C. make sense D. settle down

    5) As a pretty girl, Laura is___ about her weight.

    A. sensible B. similar

    C. reasonable D. sensitive

    6) According to the contract, all payments _____ be made in cash.

    A. ought B. shall C. might D. need

    7) The accident happened ___ before midday.

    A. short B. slightly

    C. shortly D. slightly

    8) Try phoning Robert

    --- he __ be home by now.

    A. shan't B. will C. can't D. should

    9) We came to the UK in 1974 and____ here ever since.

    A. lived B. are living

    C. have lived D. had been living

    10)She tapped the driver on ____shoulder and signaled him to stop the car.

    A. the B. a C. his D.

    4. 選詞填空(寫到作業本上)

    settle down out of shape in sight send out set up be sick of take sides sit up serve as shut down

    1) There weren't enough beds for guests; the sofa had to a bed.

    2) I'm always forgetting to my computer before I go home.

    3) I wanted to smoke, but there were no ashtrays (煙灰缸) .

    4) Information was to interested students.

    5) A new school has been in what was a wasteland in the past.

    6) The old couple would like to see their daughter get married, and have kids.

    7) Today the athlete didn't' perform well; he was feeling totally .

    8) You are always late and I your excuses.

    9) I don't mind you two arguing, but don't ask me to .

    10) Sometimes we just and watch video all night.


    1)他們去機場為兒子送行了。(see) ____________________________________











    第22課時(smart --- store)

    1. 單詞拼寫

    1) The s______________ (聰明) kid got good grades and went off to college.

    2) Tommy, go and wash your hands with s .

    3) You need special s (軟件) to view the information in the file.

    4) The king lives in a s (輝煌) palace.

    5) The criminal was a danger to s (社會).

    6) --- How do you s___________ your name? --- SMITH.

    7) The boy dreamed of traveling to the moon in a s (宇宙飛船).

    8) The shopping mall occupies an area of 500 s metres.

    9) In England doctors have traditionally enjoyed high social s .

    10) An ant has two s . One hold the food for itself and the other is for food to be shared with other ants.

    2. 詞形變化

    1) It'll take about three hours if everything goes (smooth).

    2) To my surprise, he came to see me on one (snow) January day.

    3) Unemployment and poor education are the country's serious (society) problems.

    4) Dr. Smith works at the White House as a ________ (special) in African politics.

    5) The professor told me to check my essay to correct (spell) mistakes.

    6)Her uncle works as a White House (spoke).

    7) About 30 million people die of _________ (starve) each year.

    8) Thieves can sell (steal) cars for a lot of money.

    9) After the conference, the president made a (state) and answered questions.

    10) My father is a heavy (smoke)

    --- he smokes a lot.


    1) --- _______ can you finish the report? --- In about two days.

    A. How long B. How soon C. How far D. How often

    2) The little thief ran off so fast ______.

    A. as not to be caught B. as to not be caught C. not as to be caught D. as to be not caught

    3) ____ guy called for you while you were gone.

    A. Several B. Any C. Some D. Someone

    4) The bathing product is natural and _______.

    A. smells well B. smells good C. is smelt well D. is smelt good

    5) We put an advertisement in the local paper to look for a ______ secretary.

    A. spoken German B. speaking German C. German spoken D. German-speaking

    6) I can't stand around me when I'm eating.

    A. people smoke B. people to smoke C. people smoking D. people are smoking

    7) ___ modern standards, the computer is very slow.

    A. By B. With C. On D. In

    8) Jack, ____ while I tie your shoes.

    A. keeps still B. keep still C. keeping quiet D. keep quiet

    9) --- What's wrong? --- I've got something ____ in my throat.

    A. being stuck B. to be stuck C. be stuck D. stuck

    10) Who know what will be ____ for human beings on million years form now?

    A. in store B. on stage C. on the spot D. in spirit


    spare speed solid sort state stand spot speak space somehow

    1. they managed to climb in through the bathroom window.

    2. Although he doesn't a word of French, Eric loves France very much.

    3. The big piano takes up much . Let's put it against the wall.

    4. The house was in a terrible when we moved in but we cleaned it up.

    5. The black schools were crowded, while hundreds of classrooms empty in white schools.

    6. The snack bar sells burgers, pizzas, that of thing.

    7. It can be hard for even a trained doctor to the symptoms(癥狀) of lung cancer.

    8. Could you possibly me a few minutes? I want to have a talk with you.

    9. Nancy, if you don't up we won't be there until midnight.

    10. The lake was frozen .


    1. 總統立即采取措施以阻止爭斗。

    2. 你聽起來好像感冒了。

    3. 醫生建議我們定期鍛煉,以保持健康。

    4. 盯著外賓看是不禮貌的。

    5. 卡車正以每小時50英里的速度行駛。

    6. 他把所有的空余時間都用在畫畫上。

    7. 這種疾病在病人中間迅速蔓延開來。

    8. 我們學校有120名員工。

    9. 在我國兒童從7歲開始上學。

    10. 因為堵車所以我遲到了。


    第23課時(storm--- television)


    1) --- Where's the station?

    --- Sorry, I'm a s here myself.

    2) Before choosing a career you should know your personal s and weaknesses.

    3) The TV sex educational program is aimed at t , not adults.

    4) Modern t makes it possible for people to live longer than before.

    5) Dead leaves floated on the s of the water.

    6) My possessions were a s (衣箱) full of clothes and books.

    7) A brief s_____________ (概要) is given on a separate sheet.

    8) Tom is a regular customer in the s__________ (超市).

    9) If you drink some water, it will make the pills easier to s______________(吞咽).

    10) These sausages are really t___________ (可口的). Where did you buy them?

    2. 介詞填空

    1) All ______ a sudden, the lights went out.

    2) Your computer is far superior _______ mine.

    3) No one knows _______ sure what really happened.

    4) I have absolutely no sympathy ______ students who get caught cheating in exams.

    5) Were you successful ______ persuading him to change his mind?

    6) Millions of people are struggling ________ survival.

    7) Janet's been _____ a lot of stress since her mother's illness.

    8) Tom looked up_____ surprise as Dale walked in.

    9) The palace is surrounded ______ a high wall.

    10) Why don't you come over_____ supper on Friday?


    1) --- What would you like? --- Steak or chicken would _________.

    A. suit me fine B. be fit C. be suitable D. be good

    2) The ______ of this experiment were all men aged 18-35, and they were asked to write down how they felt during the test.

    A. students B. subjects C. surgeons D. strangers

    3) Suddenly an idea _______ me and I found it would be a perfect solution to our problem.

    A. submitted B. struck C. sucked D. subscribed

    4) They suggest ____ to a lawyer before I do anything.

    A. me talk B. me to talk C. my talking D. I will talk

    5) --- You said you'd have finished by today. --- I said __________!

    A. not a such thing B. such a not thing C. such no thing D. no such thing

    6) The health expert ______ the importance of a balanced diet.

    A. stressed B. strengthened C. struggled D. supported

    7) The meeting _______ take place on Tuesday, but we've had to delay it.

    A. was subject to B. was supposed to C. was sure to D. was suited to

    8) Peter was suspected ____ government secrets to the enemy.

    A. to give off B. of giving off C. to give away D. of giving away

    9) As we all know, the dove is a _____ of peace.

    A. symbol B. system C. sign D. symptom

    10) Roger ____ painting for a while, but soon lost interest.

    A. took on B. took in C. took up D. took over


    sweep swear success straight target swing swell tease task strengthen

    1) The experiment was a big ; the professor got what he wanted.

    2) The road was dead and it had no bends at all.

    3) Our friendship has steadily over the years.

    4) I didn't mean to make you mad; I was only .

    5) Ann had the of preparing the agenda for meetings.

    6) I set myself a of learning 20 new words a week. I hope I can achieve the goal.

    7) Let your arms as you walk.

    8) Put some ice on your injured knee before it up.

    9) Thunderstorms the country and caused a huge loss.

    10) Dad not to smoke again, but mum didn't believe his promise.

    5. 句子翻譯(寫到作業本上)












    第24課時(tell--- treat)

    1. 單詞拼寫

    1) Water boils at a t___________ of 100 degrees centigrade.

    2) The storm brought strong winds, t and lightning.

    3) T is the dried brown leaves that are smoked in cigarettes.

    4) Every year we look for buried t and we hope to find valuable things such as gold, silver and jewels.

    5) Gerry was born in China and his mother t is Chinese.

    6) She does some TV work, but t (戲劇)remains her first love.

    7) The teacher gave out copies of the new t (時間表) in the first class.

    8) Luke put out his hand and touched the t (微小的)fingers of the baby daughter.

    9) There's a huge queue in the ladies' t (廁所).

    10) A lot of old t (傳統) are dying out.


    1) Exercise is the ideal way to reduce _________ (tense) after a hard day.

    2) I'll be ________ (thank) for a good night's sleep after the busy week I've had.

    3) Many old people are living by ________ (them) and they fell lonely.

    4) He wrote a _________ (thrill), which told an exciting story about murder or crime.

    5) I've had such a _________ (tire) day. I just want to take a bath and go to bed.

    6) He works as a ___________ (translate) changes writing into a different language.

    7) It is ___________ (tradition) not to eat meant on Good Friday.

    8) We all had to go on a special ___________ (train) course to learn new sales techniques.

    9) As a seasoned (有經驗的) ___________ (travel), I know the value of being able to speak at lease a few words of the local language.

    10) He was __________ (terrify) at the thought of being trapped in the woods.


    1) Only time will _____ if this agreement will bring a lasting peace.

    A. speak B. tell C. say D. talk

    2) The phone was ringing, but by the time she _____ indoors, it ______.

    A. got; stopped

    B. had got; stopped

    C. got; had stopped

    D. had got; had stopped

    3) "I have to go," she said, and with _______ she hung up the phone.

    A. it B. which C. that D. whom

    4) He bought the tickets ______ a friend at the stadium.

    A. through B. thorough

    C. though D. throughout

    5) Recycling saves energy, ____ acid rain, global warming and air pollution

    A. so reduces B. so reducing

    C. thus reduces D. thus reducing

    6) --- ______ is it today?

    --- It's Tuesday.

    A. When B. What time

    C. What date D. What day

    7) Jack, together with his friends, _____ to climb out of the canyon.

    A. decide B. has decided

    C. are to decide D. are deciding

    8) ______ exists music everywhere in our life! Shall we sing together?

    A. There B. Where

    C. Wherever D. Therefore

    9) The room, ____, is pleasant and airy. I love it very much.

    A. being small B. it is small

    C. but small D. though small

    10) Language are taught by the direct method, ______, without using the students' own language.

    A. believe it or not B. to tell the truth

    C. that's to say D. generally speaking


    for themselves clear his throat even though on top of in total in terms of in theory as though there you are tourist attraction

    1) The professor to get our attention before beginning his lecture.

    2) It is also good to think what bad things could happen.

    3) , more competition means lower prices for consumers.

    4) . I've been looking for you.

    5) Pascal went ahead with the experiment he knew it was dangerous.

    6) He stared at me I were a complete stranger.

    7) There were probably about 40 people present at the meeting .

    8) The Statue of Liberty is a major .

    9) everything else, I now have to go to work first.

    10) Parents have to teach their children to think .













    第25課時(treatment --- visitor)


    1) The island is shaped like a t___________ (三角形)

    2) His t________ (褲子) were slightly short.

    3) It started to rain, so Tricia stopped to put up her _______.

    4) They hired a private t______ to help their son with his English.

    5) His elder brother works as a t (卡車)driver.

    6) He studied physics at Oxford U_______.

    7) Their most v (貴重的) belongs were locked in a safe in the bedroom.

    8) The shop sells fresh fruit and v__________.

    9) Their 2-1 v (勝利) over the Australians was completely unexpected.

    10) The travelers found the v (村民) in the valley were very friendly


    1) The best _________ (treat) for a cold is to rest and drink lots of water.

    2) Tom is a ____________ (trouble) child and often causes problems.

    3) We'll never know the ____________ (true) behind the accident.

    4) He doesn't speak much Japanese but he can make himself _____________ (understand).

    5) I would have been here an hour ago, but ___________ (fortunate) I missed the train.

    6) It's not (usual) to feel nervous before an exam.

    7) The jacket is available in (variety) colors.

    8) There is too much sex and (violent) on TV these days.

    9) Times Square attracts more than 30 million (visit) annually.

    10)We bought a (use) car because we couldn't afford a new one.


    1) Something is wrong with my computer. I've been having trouble ___________ my e-mails.

    A. check B. to check C. checking D. checked

    2) After 21 years, Carl's dream of owning a home of his own finally ____________.A. came true B. to come true C. came truly D. coming truly3) --- My plant is dying.--- Have you tried ___ it in a sunnier room?A. put B. putting C. to put D. to have put4) Lemons contain ______ vitamin C as oranges, as well as valuable B vitamins.A. twice the amount of B. the twice amount ofC. twice the number of D. the twice number of5) The possibility of employing more staff is still _____ discussion.A. up B. with C. at D. under6) I can understand ______ to live a lone and be independent.A. she want B. her want C. her wanting D. her to want7) I think you should complain --- ____, of course, you are happy with the way things are.A. until B. unless C. however D. therefore8) Dad and mom are busier; we're eating out more often than we _________.A. use to B. used to C. were used to D. are used to9) At only $45 a night, the hotel is great ________ for moneyA. worth B. worthy C. value D. valuable10) We share the view ________ peace can only be achieved through dialogue.A. which B. what C. where D. that


    turn off turn out turn up turn down turn over pay a visit to in my view up to true of in vain

    1) You can pay weekly or monthly

    --- it's you

    2) The music of the opera is dull, and the same is the acting.

    3) They offered her the job, but she ______ it ______.

    4) Don't forget to the lights when you leave.

    5) It was a difficult time, but eventually things all right.

    6) He'll the shop to his son when he retires.

    7) I had thought my watch was lost; but eventually it ___________ in a coat pocket.

    8) If you have time, the City Art Gallery.

    9) , the country needs a change of government.

    10) John worked very hard, but all his efforts were .













    第26課時(visual --- zoom)


    1) Reading is one of the best ways of improving your v_______.

    2) Pompeii was destroyed when the v (火山) erupted in 79 AD.

    3) The v (航海) from England to India used to take six months.

    4) For more information, visit our w (網站).

    5) Adam w (吹口哨) happily on his way to work.

    6) The girls like playing v (排球).

    7) "I've missed you," he w (低語) in her ear.

    8) There was w (廣泛的) support for the war.

    9)We have offices in over 56 countries w (在全世界).

    10) I love strawberry y (酸奶); it tastes good.


    1) Mary works as a (wait) in a restaurant.

    2) The children stayed closely together for (warm).

    3) Each plan has its strengths and (weak).

    4) He left as a poor boy and returned as an extremely (wealth) man.

    5) Fruit and vegetables are sold by (weigh) while eggs are sold by the dozen.

    6) In the (west) part of Iowa, there's not a whole lot to do.

    7) A hundred years ago it was (wide) believed that there was life on Mars.

    8) Five lucky ___________ (win) will each receive a signed copy of the album.

    9) We had a (wonder) time in Spain.

    10) He came in with a (worry) expression; we knew something was wrong.


    1) Parents should have a _________ in deciding how their children are educated.

    A. voice B. sound C. accent D. tone

    2) Look at the dirty carpet; it really want __________.

    A. cleaned B cleaning

    C. to clean D. being cleaned

    3) Peter wasted no time ____ himself; he wanted to know all the guests present.

    A. introducing B. to introduce

    C. introduce D. to be introducing

    4) There are several different ways _____ we can deal with this problem.

    A. which B. in that

    C. of which D. /

    5) I could get you a job here if that's _______ you want.

    A. which B. that C. what D. /

    6) ______ I like Carter personally, I don't think what he's doing is right.

    A. knew B. know

    C. will know D. to know

    7) --- Where on earth have they gone? --- I wish I _____.

    A. knew B. know

    C. will know D. to know

    8) --- I _____ if I could borrow your car.

    --- Here's the key.   

    A. wondered B. will wonder

    C. was wondering D. had wondered

    9) The sun was shining. ______ it was quite cold.

    A. for B. yet C. so D. despite

    10) I _____ to apply for a master's degree at your university. My name is Li Ming and I am going to graduate in July.

    A. wrote B. will write

    C. was writing D. am writing


    write back write down wake up wear out win over work on work with write to wash away work out

    1) Floods in Bangladesh have __________ hundreds of homes __________.

    2) I'll ________ you _________ when it's time to leave.

    3) All this shopping has __________ us ___________ and we feel extremely tired.

    4) We'll be working hard over the next ten days to __________ the undecided voters.

    5) She's just retired after 38 years ____________ children.

    6) He has spent the last two years ___________ a book about child care.

    7) Don't worry. I'm sure everything will in the end.

    8) I sent them a card once, but they never __________.

    9) This is the address. Do you want to _______ it _______?

    10) I'm going to _________ the manager about this.

    5. 句子翻譯(寫到作業本上)













    1. sew 2. shallow 3. shelf

    4. sightseeing 5. Sharks

    6. shower 7. Slavery 8. silver

    9. sleeves 10. skating


    1. selfish 2. separation

    3. settlers 4. shaver

    5. shopping 6. silence

    7. simplify 8. skilful/skilled

    9. sleepy 10. sickness


    1 -5 ABCCD

    6 - 10 BCDCA


    1. serve as 2. shut down

    3. in sight 4. sent out

    5. set up 6. settle down

    7. out of shape 8. am sick of

    9. take sides 10. sit up


    1. They've gone to the airport to see their son off.

    2. I seem to have lost the keys.

    3. Britain is separated from France by the English Channel.

    4. It's only a joke -- don't take it seriously!

    5. It's a shame that you didn't come to the party last night.

    6. We share the same hobbies and interest

    7. We were shocked at his sudden change of attitude.

    8. At the moment the school library is short of(=lacking in) money.

    9. Tom's voice is very similar to Bush's.

    10. She screamed at the sight of a snake.



    1. smart 2. soap 3. software 4. splendid 5. society 6. spell 7. spaceship 8. square

    9. status 10. stomachs


    1, smoothly 2. snowy 3. social 4. specialist 5. spelling

    6. spokesman 7. starvation

    8. stolen 9. statement

    10. smoker


    1 -- 5 BACBD

    6 -- 10 CABDA


    1. Somehow 2. speak 3. space 4. state 5. stood 6. sort 7. spot

    8. spare 9. speed 10. solid


    1. The president took immediate steps/action/measures to stop the fighting.

    2. You sound as if/as though you've got a cold.

    3. Doctors advise us to exercise regularly to stay/keep healthy.

    4. It's bad manners to stare at foreign guests.

    5. The truck is traveling at a speed of 50 mph.

    6. She spent all her spare time painting.

    7. The disease spread rapidly among the people.

    8. Our school has a staff of 120.

    9. Children start school at the age of 7 in our country.

    10. I was late because I was stuck in a traffic jam.



    1. stranger 2. strengths 3. teenagers 4. technology 5. surface 6. suitcase

    7. summary 8. supermarket 9. swallow 10. tasty


    1. of 2. to 3. for 4. for 5. in 6. for 7. under 8. in 9. by 10. for

    3.單項填空 1 -- 5 ABBCD 6 --- 10 ABDAC


    1. success 2. straight 3. strengthened 4. teasing 5. task 6. target

    7. swing 8. swells 9. swept 10. swore


    1. Dad is very strict with me in my studies.

    2. They succeeded in finding a cure for headache.

    3. Dad suffers from a bad back.

    4. The show is not suitable for young children.

    5. She worked as a librarian before switching to journalism.

    6. Ben supplied the police with the names of those involved in the crime.

    7. We strongly support=are strongly for your plan.

    8. The child has a talent for music.

    9. She tore the letter into pieces and threw them in the dustbin.

    10. They were talking in low voices=whispering and I couldn't catch what they were saying.



    1. temperature 2. thunder 3. Tobacco 4. treasure 5. tongue 6. theatre

    7. timetable 8. tiny 9. toilettoilets 10. traditions


    1. tension 2. thankful

    3. themselves 4. thriller

    5. tiringtiresome 6. translator

    7. traditional 8. training

    9. traveler 10. terrified


    1 --- 5 BCCAD

    6 --- 10 DBADC


    1. cleared his throat 2. in terms of 3. In theory 4. There you are 5. even though 6. as though

    7. in total 8. tourist attraction

    9. On top of 10. for themselves


    1. The nurse took the patient's temperature.

    2. He thought back to the day they'd first met.

    3. No sooner had I got into the house than the phone rang.

    4. Can you tell the difference between the two wines?

    5. Please translate the poem from Chinese into French.

    6. The shops open till nine o'clock in the evening on Fridays.

    7. Let's toast Edward for a job well done.

    8. I'm tired of watching television; let's go for a walk.

    9. We were trapped in a traffic jam.

    10. She was deeply touched /moved by the novel.



    1. triangle 2. trousers 3. umbrella

    4. tutorteacher 5. truck 6. University

    7. valuable 8. vegetables 9. victory

    10. villagers


    1. treatment 2. troublesome

    3. truth 4. understood

    5. unfortunately 6. unusual

    7. various8. violence 9. visitors

    10. used


    1 --- 5 CABAD 6 --- 10 CBBCD


    1. up to 2. true of 3. turned ... down

    4. turn ... off 5. turned out

    6. turn ... over 7. turned up

    8. pay a visit to 9. In my view

    10. in vain


    1. The kids are always playing tricks on their teacher.

    2. If I don't get this finished(finish this) on time, I will be in trouble.

    3. Try the shoes on before you buy them.

    4. Until he spoke I hadn't realized he wasn't English.

    Not until he spoke did I realize he wasn’t English.

    It wasn’t until he spoke that I realized he wasn’t English.

    5. I tried to contact him, but I was unable to.

    6. I'm not used to eating so much at lunchtime.

    7. There's a wide variety of patterns to choose from.

    8. Unless I am mistaken, he was back at work yesterday.

    9. He was unwilling to give us any further details.

    10. I understand how upset you must be feeling.



    1. vocabulary 2. volcano

    3. voyage 4. website 5. whistled 6. volleyball7. whispered

    8. widespread 9. worldwide

    10. yoghurt


    1. waitress 2. warmth 3. weakness 4. wealthy 5. weight 6. western7. widely 8. winners 9. wonderful 10. worried


    1 --- 5 ABADC

    5 --- 10 BACBD


    1. washed ... away

    2. wake ... up 3. worn ... out

    4. win over 5. working with

    6. working on 7. work out

    8. wrote back 9. write ... down

    10. write to


    1. I'm sorry to have kept you waiting so long.

    2. I warned you not to walk home alone.

    3. She is wearing school uniform today.

    4. They warmly welcomed the new volunteers.

    5. The book is well worth reading.

    6. The hall is 18 meters wide.

    7. I'm not worried about him; he can take care of himself.

    8. We moved to Paris, where we lived for 6 years.

    9. Whether you like it or not, I am going.

    10. He has put on/gained weight since he gave up /quitted smoking.




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